Monday, November 24, 2008

Song of the Day : Sequester - Apocalyptic Smile

This is a one man project...that's right...One man performs plays all the instruments and does all the vocals....and it's not Black Metal!!

Here is the official blurb of Sequester.

Sequester is a one-man Metal project founded by Ryan Boc in 2005. All of the music thus far has been written and performed by Boc, having drawn inspiration from various genres of music including heavy and thrash metal, progressive and psychedelic rock, grunge, blues, jazz, and classical.

Sequester’s sound has been described as being both expressive and melodic, especially in the vocal and guitar sections as a result of harmonized layering. The lyrics range anywhere from personal topics to fantasy literature, and are generally sung with a clean voice– often with thrashy, more aggressive overtones.


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