Sunday, November 23, 2008

Song of the Day : Incrave - Shades of Me

Shades of Me

I've been a little moody and this song by Incrave sure fits the bill. One of my favorite discs of 2008, for sure. Formerly called Evergrace, Incrave's sound is along the lines of Nocturnal Rites and the like but not quite as happy. Just great music by these young Swedes!!!

BTW, the link only has ten downloads...let me know if it runs out before you get a chance to hear it!

Can't you see, The pain inside of me
Tried it all, but no one hears my call
I'm all alone

Can't you hear, I'm screaming out in fear
I've sacrificed it all, I've rolled the dice
I'm all alone

How much more can I stand

Will I stay alive, I'm running out of time
See me as I am, The world is falling down on me
I'm so afraid, Can you save me from my own?


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